We offer import of books, e-books, audio-books, used and antique books from all over the World.

Our motto is - “If the title exists at least in one free copy over the world, we will get it for you.” If the title is not accessible, we will file it into our list of periodically searched titles. We will eventually arrange for you access to necessary information via International Interlibrary Borrowing Service or a service of Document Delivery Services type.

We flexibly fulfill requirements for you in random abroad shops, we’re not an exclusive customer of only one dealer.

As a complementary service we offer abroad payments implementation – just inform us about the transaction details and we will pay the goods for you and dispatch it to your address.

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Encyclopedia Britannica 2007 - DVD-Rom

Microsoft Encarta Premium 2007

Ernest Hemingway - Audiobook 4CDs

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  • All prices are final, we will not change the price after delivery