Scanning books including text recognition (OCR)
Save time. Have your documents always with you. Both at home and at work. Look for information in your documents via full-text. Take advantage of our offer of scanning and creation of digital archives. We guarantee the lowest prices.

Demonstration of document digitalization: Englis, Karel. Teleologie jako forma vedeckeho poznani. To check the OCR quality, search for the word of e.g. “Kant”, eventually try to copy the whole text or a part of it into MS Word. Shall you have more documents, we will create a full-text archive on a CD for you. By this, you will be able to search required information in all documents at once. Therefore you will save time when implementing citations, seeking information or figuring out connections between texts. Shall you have your documents available even in a digital version, your work will obtain new dimensions, multiple increases of ergonomics, speed and total performance.

Optional possibilities of additional procedure

  • Burn out on CD/DVD = + 29 CZK
  • Placing browsing software on CD, DVD for full-text search in your texts. Description of solution: User does not have to install anything. User just inserts CD/DVD into his/her computer, and a web browser runs. Into the question field – “dotaz” - (everything is in Czech) the user writes the searched term and after clicking, a list of documents from the CD/DVD, where the searched text is contained, appears. Perfect solution especially for memorial volumes, conference outputs, specialist publications or digitalized catalogs, archives or records = already from 490 CZK.
  • Complex conversion of paper archives into a digital form including application support for full-text browsing and indexes for unmatched prices.
  • Custom production of CD, DVD applications based on digitalization, OCR and full-text browsing in your texts.
  • Production of digital publications, especially memorial volumes and scientific conferences’ outputs, including ISBN, ISSN registration = already from 500 CZK
  • Gathering video records from presentations, including cutting and publication on CD, DVD = from 5000 CZK.
  • Laser print of CD, DVD surfaces (picture, text) = + 49 CZK
  • InkJet print of CD, DVD surfaces (picture, text) = + 39 CZK
  • Printout of copy of scan templates = print from 1.5 CZK per A4
  • Binding – ringed = +30 CZK
  • Binding – thermal binding = +40 CZK
  • Lamination = 17 CZK per A4
  • Extra services in compliance with your wishes

…text, picture and map scanning

Conversion of text into audio record!

We offer the creation of audio-books from random texts in Czech and English. We work for free for weak-eyed and blind or otherwise handicapped people.

Prices of scanning
  • - 1-10 A5 = 0.5 CZK
  • - 11-50 A5 = 0.4 CZK
  • - 51-100 A5 = 0.3 CZK

  • Translated citation of Copyright Act for creating copies of texts in the Czech Republic:
    “Section 2 – Open utilizations
    § 30
    (2) § 30 (2) Copyright law is not interfered by a person, who
    a) For his/her own personal usage creates a record or duplication or imitation of a publication; the duplication or imitation of an art piece must be clearly so labeled,
    [...] DCopyright law also is not interfered by a person, who custom makes a print duplication of a publication on paper or similar base using photographic technique or other technique with similar effect, provided that it is not a published part of an audio piece and he/she properly and on time pays fee, according to § 25
    [...] (4)Duplication created for personal usage must not be used for a different purpose”